Minutes of the Parish Meeting

Minutes of the Parish Meeting – February 2016

Such sad news about David Bowie and then Sir Terry Wogan. I met the latter a few times and he was truly a gentleman. When I first started a label back in 2000, Terry played our records and I am forever grateful.  He was more than a DJ… you can’t hear ‘Goodbye To Love’ by The Carpenters or Eva Cassidy’s ‘Fields of Gold’ and so many other great records without thinking of him and the genuine warmth and generosity of the human spirit he spread across the airways. One of the most moving tributes to Bowie was Rick Wakeman’s version of life on Mars on the Simon Mayo show… it made me and so many and many others cry. Amazing version and amazing artist.

Back in the village Fisherman’s Friends film is jogging along and the producers are coming Truro to watch the boys live in all their glory. Tickets all 4 shows are sold out!

I heard some new Tom Baxter songs last week… they were well worth the wait and there’s more to come over next few months.

I’m looking forward to seeing Will Robert in Salisbury next weekend and also the Dads Army Film.. what a day of culture it will be!

Gardening tip for Feb.. stay in a watch the darts it’s too cold to be outside

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