Minutes of parish meeting March 2016

Very sad to hear that Sir George Martin passed away… listening to the Beatles as I type and what a legacy he was part of.

Back in the village it’s been a busy old month, not least working with the legend that is Rick Wakeman for UMC and an exciting new project with Island Records called ‘The Power Of 3’ (more info on this one in next month’s update).

The Fishermen’s Friends Film is still  moving forward ( that will that be on my gravestone) and shooting starts on September 26th. How do you make 1 million out of film business? Start off with 10 million I hear you cry, I know, I know.. but here’s to the believers!

So the sun is out, and I have just realised that  if you never change your style you are in fashion at least once every ten years. So all hail triple denim, or the Texas Tuxedo as a friend of mine calls it.. check me out vicar!

Gardening tip this month be it window boxes, plant pots or full on flower bed.. manure folk and lots of it.. happy shit shovelling

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